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EAS Source Tagging Solutions

July 14, 2020

What is Source Taging


EAS Source taging refer to retail product suppliers, manufacturers, and product packaging companies embedding EAS soft or hard tags during product manufacturing or packaging. To achieve high-quality, reliable and safe product protection.

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Source tag value

In retail, EAS Source taging can reduce the labor cost of in-store employees and reduce training requirements. Retailers do not have to spend time applying safety labels to products. They can focus on more profitable ways to attract and retain customers, and also inhibit store entry. Burglary and internal theft reduce shrinkage and increase profitability.

Our advantage

EAS Source taging can help retailers protect their products from shoplifting. Zida source tags have excellent detection performance, low false alarm rate and demagnetization resurrection rate, which can help retailers protect their goods from shoplifting, reduce theft losses, optimize staffing, and reduce operating costs. Create a good shopping experience.


EAS Source taging have been widely used in various retail industries, including supermarkets, drug stores, clothing stores, etc. Zida provides a full range of retail security solutions covering various retail areas, providing comprehensive anti-theft products and customized services for your retail business Provide efficient and reliable solutions.