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anti-theft label use range

August 6, 2020

There are two types of anti-theft tags, acoustic, magnetic and radio frequency. They are also divided into anti-theft soft tags and anti-theft hard tags. If the anti-theft soft tags and hard tags are not decoded or unlocked, they will go through the anti-theft antenna and alarm when going out, so they can achieve certain anti-theft effects. When shopping, because the anti-theft label is difficult to remove, for those consumers who are unscrupulous, they give up the intention of stealing. So what is the scope of the anti-theft label?

Anti-theft label

The anti-theft  label has good detection performance and is used to stick on the surface of the product, and will not cover the product information or damage the product packaging. The soft label uses a non-contact degaussing method, which is convenient and fast, and is widely used in various scenes such as supermarkets, drug stores, specialty stores, etc., effectively reducing theft loss, speeding up the checkout process, and improving the shopping experience.
Anti-theft hard label

The anti-theft hard tag has a stable alarm function, can be strongly attached to the product, and has a longer service life. The hard label has high durability and can be reactivated for repeated use. It is mainly suitable for various scenes such as supermarkets, clothing stores, tool stores, etc. It can be used on liquid and metal packaging, effectively reducing the loss of preparation for theft, increasing store profits, and improving shopping experience .